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Labelling opposition “terrorists” – Delegitimising dissent against Israeli policies

This article will present the Israeli governments efforts to delegitimise opponents by making ordinary political actions illegal and labelling them ”terrorism”. Three recent events have escalated this process. The elections in Palestine 2006, the growth of boycotts and sanctions, and

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Israeli Peace Movement

Source: Johansen, J. (2007). Israeli Peace Movement. Encyclopedia of activism and social justice. G. L. Anderson and K. Herr. Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sage Publications: 762-765. Israeli Peace Movement The peace movement in Israel has roots back to the creation of the state in 1948.

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The Intifada of the Elections: some reflections on the elections in Palestine and the tasks ahead

Originally published in xxx Elections in Palestine major achievement. All Palestinians and friends of Palestine should be congratulated on the elections! Despite occupation, travel restrictions, checkpoints and a number of other obstacles from the Israeli side, the PA, the political

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Conditions for Civil Resistance

Originally published in xxx History When Gandhi introduced the concept of Passive Resistance in his article on “The Benefits of Passive Resistance” on September 7 1907 he for sure did not understood how that concept would develop over the years.

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